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The Rivers Edge Ranch

Purpose and Vision

Located in the beautiful California High Desert; shadowed by the northern side of Big Bear Mountain and canopied by the clear blue skies of Lucerne Valley, sits twenty acres waiting to birth a vision of transformation. The property once used to rehabilitate ailing and injured horses, will now be a place of healing for spiritually ailing and broken men. When completed, this vision will be The Riverís Edge Ranch.

The Riverís Edge Ranch will be a transformation facility where broken lives can be restored and equipped to live ďthe abundant lifeĒ; enabling each man to make a positive impact on his family, community and the world.

John 10:10 ďI came that they may have life, and might have it abundantly.Ē

As scripture so clearly directs us, the purpose for this ranch is defined by the truth that Jesus came so that all men might experience abundant life. In this way, the Riverís Edge Ranch will provide a place for men to come face to face with Jesus Christ, so that they may experience restoration and a new life in Him. We believe that a true life transformation begins with a transformed heart; and so, we are dedicated to providing an environment where men can come to a sincere ďheart changeĒ through intimate contact with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Ministry to God
Ministry to other believers
Ministry to the world

Our focus at the Riverís Edge Ranch will be to create an environment of quality in every sense where the three central aspects of Christian life will be followed, and the men can begin to foster a love for, Ministry to God, Ministry to other believers and Ministry to the world (evangelism).

Providing a foundation for the growth of these three central aspects will be leaders ready to lead by example and guide these men to the throne room of God with powerful worship and teachings. The leaders of The Riverís Edge Ranch will equip each man with the Christian life survival tools necessary for success, such as, mentorship, partnership, discipleship and accountability. Each will learn the importance and value of a having a Paul, Barnabas and Timothy in his life, while becoming a true man of God.

Beyond that, the men of the Riverís Edge Ranch will be given frequent opportunities to participate in evangelical events where other men of God will join them; sharing their experiences and demonstrating how each man can use his very own testimony to share Godís Word, and how His perfect love has changed his life. This also developing, the desire to continue the practice of evangelism as a ďway of lifeĒ and setting them upon the high road of successful Christian living.

The Physical Vision

This vision was birthed from a great need for a true menís ranch; a ranch in every sense of the word. As an evangelist and pastor, and having served in menís ministries for years, I have struggled with the conditions of many of the places designated for programs to get the lives of men back on track. Many times, these places were of substandard condition.

Along with poor living conditions, the men of these programs would often have to support the home they were in with outside jobs such as, car wash attendants, stadium employees, and even selling candy bars. Although working supports positive growth, these jobs often left them overworked and too tired to participate in the programs and events designed to support the discipleship they were so desperately in need of. As a result, I would often see the men of these homes struggle to get their lives back on track; often times not succeeding.

The work responsibilities at The Riverís Edge Ranch will focus solely on the ranch itself. The men will use their hands to build, nurture and sow. The benefits will be many. Aside from keeping the ranch thriving, this work is therapeutic and will positively impact the journey of a man turning his life around. Instead of leaving the ranch to work outside jobs, the men will remain in each others company and that of their leaders, as well as, away from the distractions of the outside world. This will afford them the opportunity and time it takes to grow into the lives of mighty men of God.

Time away from ranch chores will provide ample opportunity for mentoring and counseling, as well as, time to take part in group worship and fellowship. It will also encourage the important time needed for Bible study and devoted quiet time with God. The men whom God sends to the Riverís Edge Ranch will be able to experience the fulfillment and wonder of life as a contributing member of the family of God.

A Working Ranch

The Riverís Edge Ranch will be just that, a working ranch complete with livestock (horses, cattle, pigs, goats and chickens).

The ranch will also be sustained by fresh fruits and vegetables, all grown in the ranchís green house, garden and small orchard. Commercial green houses will be growing shrubs for resale in local nurseries.

An eighty foot windmill, which has already been donated, will harness the ample supply of desert winds; helping the ranch do its part to conserve the earthís resources, as well as, assist with the power cost.

Living quarters will be a completely furnished log cabin bunkhouse, designed to comfortably accommodate several men. The ranch will also be outfitted with an industrial kitchen and plenty of bathroom/shower facilities.

The property on which the Riverís Edge Ranch will be built is located just six miles north of the growing town of Lucerne and is easily reached from Highway 247. It is wonderfully located for both easy access, and yet, isolation from the distractions of city life.

Men will arrive by way of various avenues. The Riverís Edge Ranch will be a resource for the Foursquare Church Family and any other local churches that have a need for this type of program. It is also expected that men will be directed to the ranch through personal referrals. State and county organizations are excited about the plans for the ranch and we have already been given the full support of the high desert probation department. The probation department has stated that they would welcome the opportunity to send men to the ranch as an alternative to ďviolatingĒ them and sending them back to prison.

Visit the Rivers Edge Ranch website for more information.